Lil Scrappy is in the hospital. On Monday afternoon (June 4), TMZ reported that the rapper had been involved in a serious car accident in Miami this past Sunday.

According to the celeb news site, the Love & Hip Hop star and his friend Ca$ino Roulette were found injured and nearly unconscious when police arrived on the scene Sunday morning (June 3). Apparently, the two had been traveling from Miami's King of Diamonds strip club at the time they crashed.

The outlet reports that Scrappy believes his friend fell asleep at the wheel in the moment of the accident. However, authorities list the 34-year-old former BME rapper as being the driver of the vehicle. There weren't any witnesses for the crash, and police believe this crash was simply a case of a driver driving to fast for inclement weather conditions. They didn't serve any citations.

While his injuries aren't life-threatening, it's been reported that Scrappy, who was reportedly unable to remember how he'd gotten to a hospital by the time he woke up in the hospital, has a broken foot that will require an operation. His friend Ca$ino is believed to be in ICU.

It isn't known how much longer the Atlanta rapper will need to be in the hospital, but it does appear that he was well enough to upload an Instagram post speaking on the accident.

"Man God is great I can’t even show u the car o, thank God for given me a fam and people that rides with me @casinoroulette in here hurt too we fucked up but God saved our lives," reads the caption for Scrappy's post.

He continues, "#Godisgreat #Mercy #Grace im blessed with a wife and daughter to help me back up but God is great and we are alive thanks big God #hospitalflow thank u to my moms too who came and made sure her Baybay aight and my mother in law came thru thank you too."

You can see Lil Scrappy's IG post, which includes an image of the rapper in a hospital bed, for yourself below.


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