ScHoolboy Q's french bulldog is safe and sound after United Airlines placed the pet in the wrong plane cargo hold earlier this week. To celebrate the return of Q's dog, named Yeeerndamean, international animal rights organization PETA send Q and the dog a gift basket filled with treats and toys.

"With its deafening sounds, foreign smells, and extreme temperatures, an airplane's cargo hold is no place for any living being," says PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. "Now that ScHoolboy Q has been safely reunited with Yeeerndamean, PETA hopes the rapper will help spread the word that if dogs can't travel in the cabin with the rest of the passengers, they shouldn't be flying at all."

For obvious reasons, Q, who somewhat recently joined a list of rappers giving their dogs their own Instagram account, was very heated when he found his dog had been misplaced, using social media to call out United Airlines.

“You guys r idiots @united HOW U PUT MY DOG ON THE WRONG FLIGHT???? I need answers,” he posted on Twitter a short time after finding out Yeeerndamean had been misplaced. United Airlines' Twitter account promptly responded, and publicly apologized to Q after the incident.

Check out what Andrew Bernstein, who works as PETA'S Senior Manager of Communications, has to say to Q—birth name Quincy—in his letter below.

Dear Quincy,

We were so relieved to hear that you were safely reunited with your pup after he was mistakenly put on the wrong flight. We know you might not need anything to persuade you never to let Yeeerndamean—or any animal—be transported in a cargo hold again, but we wanted to inform you that it's scary and dangerous for animals to be forced to fly in these often tight, uncomfortable spaces.


Flying makes most people nervous, so you can imagine how terrifying it must be to dogs and cats who are separated from their human guardians and have no clue what's happening—when every foreign smell, deafening engine sound, and feeling is so confusing and scary. Putting an animal in a cargo hold is often a death sentence—temperatures can drop below minus 50 degrees at certain flight altitudes or soar to oven-like temperatures during ground delays.


On its way to you and Yeeerndamean is a gift basket with toys for both of you—for more enjoyable times together. When flying with him, please always bring him in the cabin with you. And when you can't, please take a car, bus, or train or leave him at home with a great dog sitter!


Best wishes,

Andrew Bernstein

Senior Manager of Communications


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