As a member of Los Angeles' notorious Hoover Crips, ScHoolboy Q very likely knows a thing or two about guns and the incredible damage someone can inflict with just the pull of a trigger. Perhaps then, it's no surprise that he actually doesn't think anyone should have access to them. He said as much in a recent interview with Montreality.

When asked about which evils he would rid from the world, guns popped up at the top of his list. "Guns man. That gun law shit is real man, it will never stop," Q says in the interview, alluding the ubiquity of gun violence in U.S. "That's one thing—probably the only thing I agree about the law and all that political shit that's been going on. From officers, from everybody. It should be no guns."

Q might want guns to be removed from the country, but it's not a goal he's holding out any hope for. "But, it's too many guns out there now. So it's impossible to take all the guns so, what I want is impossible to happen. Because it will never happen. You know what I mean? It will never happen," Q says.

He continues, "But, if they could've never made guns, that would be a whole lot better. It would've been a whole lot better because now people just getting killed left and right. Like, you'll have 400-500 people die in Chicago like... every year. That's not amazing. That's fucking insane. How can that many people die in a year? You know what I'm saying? And like, niggas always wanna talk that gangsta, ain't nothing gangsta about none of that shit. Especially rappers. Niggas always trying to act gangsta like... nigga you ain't a gangsta anymore nigga, you're a rapper. I'm not a gangsta no more, I'm a rapper."

It's clear Q, who recently said his Blank Face LP follow-up could be released after SZA's project, has some strong feelings about gun ownership. He also has strong feelings about people (still) asking him about a Black Hippy album, which clearly isn't happening any time soon.

"People don't understand when you're working on an album and you're getting into a groove, it's hard to stop that groove and that zone you're in, that vision you got, to jump onto a whole new thing and restart from a blank sheet basically," Q said of how individual projects often hold up Black Hippy from putting something together as a unit. "We don't just put albums out and call it something and it's just a bunch of dope songs, everything we do over there is like a concept." Nonetheless, he's still willing to make it happen: "If we can make it work, I'm down to do it. Those my homies, of course I want to do the album with them."

See what Q's got to say about guns and other things in the video below. The bit about guns comes in at around the 11:01 mark.

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