When you think about love affairs in The Great Gatsby, you think about the titular playboy's obsession with Daisy, the unwilling muse for all the maybe-fake war medals and all the parties where everyone brings a spare pair of gloves. But perhaps more instructive is the back-and-forth between Nick Carraway and Jordan Baker. Carraway, our hero, is at times wide-eyes and at other times skeptical about the decadence and debauchery that sits before him; Baker, for better or worse, is lumped in with the summer homes and cheese plates. But for a time, the beautiful professional golfer is all Nick can see. We say all that to say this: It looks like French Montana is dating Sanaa Lathan. The actress, famous for her roles in such films as Love & BasketballBrown Sugar and The Best Man, all but confirmed the news to Big Boy at his new LA radio home, 92.3. When pressed about rumors that she was dating Max B's one-time partner, she at first laughed said she didn't talk about her personal life, then added, coyly, "Let's just put it this way: I am dating and...yeah, I am dating." Over the weekend, she and 2015 XXL Freshman DeJ Loaf took suspect men to task on a new single.