Safaree is not taking responsibility for the peculiar tweet that went out on his Twitter account on Thursday night (July 27).

The since-deleted post seemed to show Nicki Minaj's former beau in a fragile state, briefly venting about his three-year-old break up with the Young Money rapper. "I really want a kid..nicki you were supposed to have my child.. I can't believe this is life," the post read.

The tweet had people scratching their heads, wondering why Safaree would put himself out there like that. The "Paradise" MC is now denying that the tweet was sent by his Twitter fingers. "I did not tweet that yesterday," he typed on Twitter. "I don't even talk like that.. any1 who knows me knows I would never out the blue tweet something like that."

He added, "Ridiculous." It is interesting to note that Safaree didn't pull out the "I've been hacked" card, simply going with the it wasn't me excuse.

Last week, Nicki was having some social media issues of her own. The "No Frauds" rapper finally decided to join the world of Snapchat and was immediately swarmed with so many calls she couldn't disable the function on the app. “Can you guys please stop calling me, look I can’t get back to my settings,” Nicki said in an Instagram video. “And the calls don’t stop,” she added.

Check out Safaree's tweets below.

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