The new Wu-Tang Clan album is slated to hit fans' ears tomorrow, and supporters will be able to get a first listen tonight on Beats 1, thanks to RZA. The veteran producer and the group's founder appears on The Pharmacy show, where he also gives an in-depth interview surrounding the forthcoming album and the state of hip-hop, as well as a story about the late Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Starting off the interview, RZA speaks on how he came up with the concept to put together Wu-Tang's new album, The Saga Continues, which ties into how the group's logo came to fruition from Allah Mathematics.

"There was a young brother that was our DJ. He was working construction," RZA explains. "I hired him to draw the Wu-Tang logo. His name was Allah Mathematics. And he always was in the shadows doing the knowledge, as we call it. You've got to do the knowledge. And he learned how to make beats and produce, and after awhile, when I became a composer, I became further and further away from the sound of Wu-Tang. I mean I don't use the ASR-10 anymore. I'm in space with it. You know, but Mathematics stayed right there with him. So he was really given the task and he took the task upon himself to go and start having the members re-energize their verses to the classic Wu-Tang sound. After he got it to a certain degree, he was like, 'I'm going to come over and show you where we’re at,' and showed me and I was like yo... The Saga Continues."

The producer also speaks on the hip-hop community and how he hopes Wu-Tang can inspire the youth to do anything they want, whether it be in or out of music.

"I really wanted to show the hip-hop community and the young kids that listened to it that everybody ain't gonna be a rapper," he says. "Everybody ain't gonna be a producer. But there's still a place for you. I made a conscious decision when I seen that I could do it. I said you know what? Let me keep doing this because it could inspire some other brothers to do it. And it did. You know I mean we have multiple hip hop-based composers in the game."

RZA even shares the story of how Ol' Dirty Bastard wanted his own album to sound just like Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle debut.

"Now Doggystyle, I'll never forget what happened," RZA describes. "We inside the promotional van. Masta Killa comes with the tape and he threw it in and everybody was like yo. First of all everybody was killing it, but the production of it was incredible. ODB was like, 'I want my shit like that.' That’s why you hear Dirty on this album like Dre and Snoop, and I’m like 'I don’t do it like that. I don’t know what they usin'. What the hell is goin on.' But I just want to say that I always admired that. And I think hip-hop elevated because of that."

Take a listen to all of the snippets of RZA on The Pharmacy below, and be sure to listen in for the first play of The Saga Continues tonight.

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