Russ clearly isn't afraid to tell it like it is, or at least how he sees it. Saturday (April 21), he released a new record that might ruffle some feathers called "Sore Losers."

On the chorus-less track, produced by Russ himself, the New Jersey rapper rips off savagely witty bars that find him flexing his lyrical dexterity. "Rappers with your get-rich-quick scheme gimmicks/Instead of hating you should focus on your 16th minute," he rhymes. "We are not side by side, ain't no split-screen image/I'ma be around forever like a Springsteen ticket/I'm just bathing in success, yeah, I rinse clean with it/I put my best foot forward like a Nowitzki pivot."

The visual, directed by Edgar Esteves, is simple in nature, and sees the "Flip" rapper rhyming in a busy living room that has been converted to a studio. Later in the rap, he appears to further express the thoughts that were displayed on his controversial anti-drug shirt.

"A lot of kids are poppin' Xans and sippin' lean now/A lot of rappers using Instagram to teach how," he spits. "A lot of kids OD'ed that you don't read 'bout/'Cause they don't follow rappers, they just follow fiends now/But I'm the bad guy for callin' it out/I come in clutch with the truth, y'all are stallin' it out/I only get in trouble when I say the truth/Which means you gettin' fed lies every day, you fools."

Russ will be hitting the road on his I See You Tour next month.

Check out the video for "Sore Losers" below.

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