You hear it preached over and over again in almost any field worth pursuing: keep believing in yourself and one day you'll get there. That's been part of the story for New Jersey emcee Russ. In his new video for "MVP," Russ speaks on the obstacles he's had to overcome, including those who wouldn't support him early in his career.

Russ has been a point of contention for many but there is no denying he's the epitome of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. Through his high volume output of consistent music, he discovered and won over a core base that eventually earned him a platinum record in "What They Want." So for the video that highlights his clutch ability to grind it out through the pressure and become the MVP, in his own eyes, director Edgar Esteves chose to keep the focus on Russ, his lyrics and his day ones.

The entire video takes place on a tour bus as Russ unwinds with his friends—playing video games, smoking and joking around. There is also a filter added to the video making it appear to be a recording on an old VHS tape. This could be an artistic effect that shows Russ can look back at this point in his career, later on, for his achievements or when he finally meets up with Drake. The latter would fulfill the prophecy in the final lines of the song: "Up at the studio, Drake is just a room away/Maybe I should barge in, maybe I should wait/This gon' be a funny story couple months from today/When I tell it, and it's like... Damn. Yup."

"MVP" comes off of Russ' There's Really a Wolf album from last month. The entire album does not run short on quotable lyrics.

You can watch the video for "MVP" below.

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