Two years ago, Russ got into beef with Smokepurpp and Lil Pump after the two rappers took exception to Russ' anti-drug stance. Now Russ is ruffling feathers again with a new interview he did with Joe Budden, in which he drops some gems about the music industry while simultaneously calling out the South Florida rappers and Wifisfuneral.

Russ sat down with Budden for his Pull Up Season show in an episode published today (June 30). Around the 39-minute mark of the lengthy two-hour video, Russ goes off about the current state of hip-hop and name-drops Lil Pump and Smokepurpp for being some of the main culprits adding to the negativity of the genre.

"Basically, what's happened is you've allowed 13-year-old White kids to tell the world what hip-hop culture is. That's the problem," Russ stated. "I'm done biting my tongue with the shit. There are people like the Lil Pumps, the Smokepurpps and just the people who are using the fact that hip-hop is the coolest thing to be doing right now. They're using that as a marketing tool to be buffoons."

He added, "They are literally telling the rest of the world...that this is what it means to be Black, in a sense, and that's the problem. I understand that I'm not Black, but, god forbid, if China looks at me and says this is what it means to be Black, they shouldn't because I'm not Black, but if they do, at least it is not ridiculous. At least I'm talking about self-sufficiency, ownership [and] music."

Russ also had words for Wifisfuneral after Joe brought his name up during the conversation about rappers that dissed Joe on wax—Russ included. On social media, Wifi previously joined in with Pump and Purpp to diss Russ, which the latter took issue with. "[The] kid's a bum," Russ offered.

"[Wifisfuneral] is one of these rappers, I've never met...I don't know you and you're talking shit," Russ added. "It's kinda one of those things where like you're joining in on, 'Oh wait, we're all making fun of Russ. Cool, here's my joke too.' You don't realize there are consequences to that."

Wifi has responded, kind of. He ironically changed his Twitter name to Russ.

The bad blood between Russ and the South Florida rhymers started two years ago when they went back and forth over an anti-drug rant Russ went on. Russ later claimed to have beat up Purpp. It looks like things were never resolved.

See Russ' entire interview below. Catch the Lil Pump and Smokepurpp conversation at the 39-minute mark and the Wifisfuneral discussion at the 51:30-minute mark.

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