Run The Jewels duo Killer Mike and El-P aren’t to happy with Apple. The two took issue with the multi-billion dollar company after seeing its new “Stickers” ad for the MacBook Air.

El-P took to Twitter July 22, when he saw a pair of turquoise blue hands flash across the screen that according to him looked the group’s logo. His tweets have since been deleted but according to Chart Attack he wrote, “OH COOL APPLE FIGURED OUT A WAY TO NOT PAY RUN THE JEWELS FOR OUR LOGO. OH NO IM SURE ITS JUST A COINCIDENCE.”

A representative from DFA told Billboard that Apple reached out to the duo to sign paperwork, along with an non-disclosure agreement. So far El-P and Killer Mike have failed to comment but Howell O’Rear n intellectual property attorney at Nashville's McInteer & O'Rear PLC shed some light on the situation.

"From what I have seen, Run The Jewels does not appear to have a viable claim," said O’Rear. "From a copyright perspective, the cover art for Run The Jewels and the image used in the Apple advertisement are not the same, nor are they substantially similar."

It appears that the group does not have their signature logo trademarked, which makes for a weak argument against the major organization if they decide to take their issue to court.

Here's both Apple's decal and the Run The Jewels logo below.