Romeo Miller continues to rally for his uncle C-Murder's freedom, especially in the light of new details emerging the infamous case after a key witness recanted his statement against the rapper.

Early Wednesday afternoon (June 27), Romeo Miller shared an emotional post on Instagram after learning that Kenneth Jordan, a key witness in his uncle's Corey Miller's murder trial, has come forward to recant his testimony. "My Uncle C has been serving a life sentence behind bars for something he didn’t do and today the whole world knows he’s innocent," he began the lengthy caption. "The witness recants his testimony and says he was pressured into identifying the 'famous rapper.'"

"Good or bad, one thing I know about life is that we may not understand everything, but everything happens for a reason and although we all aren’t treated as equal we must keep faith. GOD’s strongest soldiers are given the toughest battles, just look at Joseph story in the Bible! My uncle Corey was just being prepared for his real blessings! The devil tried to break this family apart, but we only got stronger. I rarely cry, but today I have tears of joy. | #GodsTiming," he continued.

As previously reported, witness Kenneth Jordan has come forward to claim that he was coerced by police to identity C-Murder as the prime suspect in a fatal nightclub shooting in 2002. The news arrives nearly nine years after Jordan testified that the No Limit soldier was responsible for the death of a 16-year-old. C-Murder has been in prison serving a life sentence since 2009. Jordan was allegedly threatened by Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office that he would be tossed in jail cell over the death of his child if he didn’t “cooperate."

C-Murder has continued to proclaim his innocence through a series of albums released while serving a life sentence. The rapper was also featured on an episode of Investigations Discovery's "Reasonable Doubt," which aired on Wednesday (June 27), to explain the details of his troubling case.

Take a look at Romeo's emotional reaction to the news of C-Murder's innocence below.

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