Roddy Ricch, Compton-born and bred, is 20 years old with a calm confidence beyond his years. He's got a piercing look in his eyes that means business, but he also knows how to have a good time. After the success of his Feed Tha Streets series, his single "Die Young"—and its millions of streams—tearing down stages across the world, plus becoming a 2019 XXL Freshman, Roddy has plenty to celebrate—and even more racks to show for it. During the XXL Freshman cover shoot, he flexed thousands of dollars in cash as he delivered his version of the ABCs.

Early on in his ABCs, Roddy reveals one of his childhood nicknames. For B, he chooses bird. "Where I'm from in Compton, thats what they call me, Lil Bird," the West Coast native says. While he rhymer doesn't explain the origin of this moniker, it's likely the inspiration behind his label's name, Bird Vision.

A few of Roddy Ricch's word choices also revolve around home, whether it's going outside to stunt or staying in for a quiet night. For the letter D, he picks the word dinero, which is Spanish for money, and pulls out enough money to pay your rent for a month. "Can't ever leave the house without the dinero," Roddy says, which is pretty sound advice. When H comes up, Roddy goes for the word homebody, along with a quick explanation: "I like females to be homebodies. Don't come outside." Up next, the letter I reminds him of an igloo. "Igloo, when I step out the crib, I'm an igloo," Roddy declares while showing off his jewelry.

As he inches closer to the end of the alphabet, Roddy nods to one of his late, close friends. "N is for Nipsey Hussle." he states. "If you don't who that is, congratulations, you played yourself." He then ends his choice for N with a thoughtful message: "One of the greatest rappers to ever live. R.I.P. my big brother Nipsey Hussle."

Catch the rest of Roddy Ricch's ABCs at the video at the top of the post. Also, catch him kicking it behind-the-scenes with the rest of the Freshman class below.

See Photos of Roddy Ricch Behind the Scenes at the 2019 XXL Freshman Cover Shoot

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