Ro Ransom delivers another awesome visual. This one's for a song called "Wraith," and it honestly feels like it belongs in a movie theater instead of a YouTube channel.

The Bobby Hanaford-directed visual is one that sees Ro take on the role of a synthetic drug dealer traveling the country with his girlfriend, who also serves as his partner in crime. In the visual, the two can be seen posted up outside of an old school whip as they soak up the sun during what looks like either the morning or evening as they prepare for a day's worth of crime.

With glimpses of a hazy skyline and intimate shots of a 2018 Bonnie & Clyde story, the video for "Wraith" definitely feels like an event. The song itself is one that finds Ro thinking about all the reasons folks want to plot on him as he continues to soak up his wins.

"New shine, bet it make you wanna shade me/Broke boy talking down, it don't phase me/Head game, bet it make her go crazy/Smash once, I wake up and go Swayze," he spits on the hook for the track.

All in all, "Wraith" the video and the song both go hard, and it only makes us want to see what's next from the Harlem artist. Here's to hoping we get to sooner rather than later.

Watch Ro's video for "Wraith" below. Revisit his Momentum mixtape when you're done.

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