After making an appearance on Jazz Cartier's "Make a Mess," writing for Khalid on American Dream and touring with singer Dua Lipa, Ro Ransom has now dropped his own project, Momentum (Mixtape).

The 10-song mixtape features production from Leven Kali, Tim Suby and more, as Ro showcases his sing-rap style. The artist also gets some help from Jazz Cartier and Kensei Abott, while he mixes singing and rapping with trap and '80s-inspired sounds for a project that stands above many of the latest releases in hip-hop.

Ro had previously released the singles "Doppelgänger," "Donuts" and "See Me Fall," the latter two which feature Kensei Abott.

Check out the tracklist and listen to Momentum below.

Ro Ransom's Momentum Mixtape Tracklist

1. "Night Is Young/Blow"
2. "Prettiest" Feat. Jazz Cartier
3. "Stop the World"
4. "See Me Fall" Feat. Kensei Abbot
5. "Mystery Park" Feat. Kensei Abbot
6. "Synthesizer"
7. "Doppelgänger"
8. "Friends With Benefits"
9. "Donuts" Feat. Kensei Abbot
10. "See Me Fall (Y2K Remix)" Feat. Kensei Abbot

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S-Rank Records

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