The sports and entertainment world is still buzzing about the disturbing Ray Rice video released on Monday morning. Many celebrities and sports athletes have chimed in on the situation and shared their thoughts on Ray Rice, and what the NFL league should do moving forward with domestic violence cases.

Strange Music rapper Rittz, who happened to be in town doing a promo run for his latest LP Next To Nothing, shared with us his thoughts on the very sensitive subject.

"Here's how I feel about that -- First of all, you can't hit woman, but shit happens. I don't want to take a stance in what the consequences were for him, but I hate to see anyone that has a bright future f*ck it up, and it's a shame. When you're that big and that known, you gotta really watch what you do man because you can really lose it all man, and for what? 'Cause you got angry with your girlfriend? So I think it's an unfortunate situation. That's all I can really say about it, it's really a shame."

We have more to come with Rittz next week, as he chops it up with us about his new project, his come up in the game, his upcoming Slumerican Made tour with Yelawolf, so stay tuned.

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