Rick Ross is gearing up for some big moves in 2011, but before he begins the new year, he’s getting ready to drop a new mixtape, titled Ashes to Ashes, on Christmas Eve. XXLMag.com recently spoke to the Boss about what fans could expect from the disc.

“One thing you can know is that music is all new and it may be surprising to a lot of motherfuckers the kind of records we got on there,” he told XXL.

Without giving away too many details, he teased some of the collaborators, saying, “Just to keep it short, Meek Mill on the mixtape; Wale’s on the mixtape; T.I.’s on the mixtape; [and] Barry White’s on the mixtape.”

As previously reported, Ross is currently in talks with signing the young Philly rapper, Meek Mill to his Maybach Music imprint. “Meek Mill, I see him like when it comes to his rhymin’ and his ability to put music together he’s a young Rozay,” Ross said of the aspiring MC. “He’s one record from really being that next nigga comin’ outta Philly on a major scale.”

Like Mill, the Miami rep also confirmed with XXL that he’s in talks with inking Wale to Maybach Music, but nothing is signed as of yet.“I just don’t wanna put all the details out there ’til we really do the announcement like bossly,” he said. “You know we got to do it big, You know these my two moves for 2011. Wale he done released an album and he began his quest in the game and Meek Mill he from the ground up with it. 2011 we gon’ do it real big.”

Meek, Wale and Chester French will appear together on one track on Ashes to Ashes, that Ross says will surprise listeners. “It’s a different type of record,” he shared. “It’s a big motherfucker. We really put together [something] cohesive and something I think the game gonna really appreciate.”

Look out for Ashes to Ashes to drop on December 24. —Jesse Gissen