Res has accused her former groupmate and label head Talib Kweli of withholding her music, and a slew of other misdeeds, in a series of tweets posted today (June 1).

The soul singer, who formed the group Idle Warship with Kweli in 2009, and signed to Kweli's independent record label Javotti Media in 2013, claims the label has refused to release her music for years. She says she gave Kweli 12 unreleased songs, as allegedly promised in her deal, but that the "Get By" rapper filed a lawsuit claiming a breach of contract and now refuses to talk to her. Res speculates that Kweli's reasons for withholding the music have to do with an incident in which she alleges he tried to kiss her on a business trip.

"I tried to be humble but you letting a kiss that you didn’t get @TalibKweli keep my career on hold and I dare you to say I’m not telling the truth," Res wrote.

She continued, "See if you can’t sleep with your female artist you leave them in the dust @TalibKweli well I wouldn’t say all huh King," and alleged that Kweli apologized over email for making an advance on her. "We both have the email of you apologizing for making a pass at me @TalibKweli when we was on a trip to make music how is this in the contract why do I have to Kiss you to be out my contract," Res tweeted.

The current status of Res' contract with Javotti is unclear, as is the status of Kweli's lawsuit, but a 2016 Indiegogo campaign by Res at least confirms that she sought help from fans to release her shelved album Reset due to frustration with her label. The singer raised over $39,000, surpassing her goal, to fund the project's production and marketing costs. The album remains unreleased .

"Have you ever aspired for something that you refuse to let die? ... Something that frustrates you because ever two steps forward feels like you are taking one step back? I can relate," the campaign's "Story" section reads. "With Indiegogo, I now have a straight path forward that will allow me to unapologetically take my career in my own hands and get the remaining 20% done. No label. No middle man. Just YOU and me, finishing this album TOGETHER!"

Res' tweets also accuse Kweli of trying to have sex with other female artists seeking career help, as well as disrespecting his employees. Kweli has responded on Twitter by dismissing the allegations and claiming that Res simply wants his money. "Somebody big mad they don’t get free money from me anymore," the rapper tweeted. He also has retweeted multiple tweets accusing Res of libel and money problems.

In response to XXL, Talib Kweli released the following statement. "Shareese Ballard Aka Res was dropped from my label Javotti Media in 2013 for disrespecting my employees and for failing to turn in an album I invested in," he said. "I am not holding her music because she never turned any music in. At all. In early 2014 Res started an indie Gogo campaign and sent a song featuring my vocals to fans without my permission as a reward. I asked her to stop using my verse, she refused. So I sued her."

"Res then countersued saying that I sexually harassed her. I find her claim to be dubious in nature. Bogus. Over a year ago, the judge in the case Carolyn E. Wade dismissed Res’ 3 claims against me, including the sexual harassment claim. NYSCEF doc number 37. Res has not accepted this outcome so she is using smear tactics. Recently, she fired her lawyer in the other case, the one where she profited off of my music without my permission. So now she is trying to use the #metoo movement to bully me into dropping my lawsuit against her. I fully and categorically deny any allegation of sexual harassment."

You can view several of Res' tweets and Kweli's responses below.

See Res' Tweets Accusing Talib Kweli of Sexual Harassment

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