Back in January, Reese and Key! teamed up for the Been Had Boyz mixtape. The Atlanta rappers make sure you have not forgotten about it by dropping a music video for the title cut "Been Had."

The music video, directed by So Visuals, sees the two selling clothes out of a van. Both men get boastful with the rhymes, letting listeners know about their status.

"Been had a knack, yeah/Been had a bag, hey/I been up in Saks, yeah/We fucked it up that way/Gas in my ashtray/Fanta wit Act, aye/Get money the fast way/Been had it the next day/Don't know how to act, yeah/Cause I been had it my way/I go and get it wit my day ones/Count up and make sure it's A-1/That money counter sound my ringtone/You play with that boy, you dead wrong/Have yo mama singing sad songs/I'm that nigga cause I said so," Reese raps.

After Reese's opening salvo, Key! comes through to kick up the braggadocio to an extra level. The "Regular Guy" MC lays it on heavy, bragging about his life as a boss in and out of the rap game.

"I'm a big dog/Ain't Slim Thug/But I'm a Boss Hogg/Hog the lane/You hang with lames/I hang with gorillas/Drug dealers and killers/Been had rank/Been had drank/Been on the way to the bank/I'm bending the corner in tank," Key! raps.

Watch Reese and Key's "Been Had" music video below.

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