We're only about nine hours removed from Kendrick Lamar dropping his new album DAMN., and already, a few fans are postulating that K. Dot has another one coming soon. This theory comes courtesy of a Sounwave tweet involving references to The Matrix, lyrics from Kenny's album-preceding single "The Heart Part 4" and lyrics on DAMN. 

This theory really begins with "BLOOD," the first track on Kendrick's DAMN. album that apparently sees the rapper lose his life. Although DAMN. technically leaked yesterday (April 13) and was officially up on Apple Music later that night, the project's official release date is today--Good Friday--aka, the Friday before Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday.

Adding to this theory, K. Dot raps "I dropped one classic and I came right back" on his relatively new song, "The Heart Part 4." While almost everyone initially interpreted the lyrics to be about his first three albums receiving universal acclaim, some reddit users are now theorizing that the To Pimp a Butterfly rapper was actually referencing an album he plans to drop this Sunday.

The next part of the equation sees Sounwave's tweets come into play. Shortly after DAMN. dropped, Sounwave tweeted, "But what if I told you...that's not the official version.." The next thing he posted was a picture of Morpheus from The Matrix. In the reflection of Morpheus' glasses we can see the Laurence Fishburne character holding one pill in each hand; one red, one blue—two pills he offered Neo in the movie.

On "The Heart Part 4," Kendrick raps, "My next album, the whole industry on a ice pack," and "with TOC, you see the flames.” Some fans are now saying "T.O.C." means, "the other color," alluding to the idea Kendrick's got an album with a blue color coming to contrast the red cover for DAMN.. Get it?

Throwing more gasoline to this theory was K. Dot changing his Spotify picture to an image of himself in front of a blue brick wall.

Now, is this Matrix-Easter theory valid, or is it merely the work of bored fans gripped by wishful thinking? We'll have to wait until this Sunday to find out. For now, you can check Sounwave's tweets and a screenshot of the Easter theory in the tweets below.

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