The fast lifestyle of a rapper is something not every woman can deal with. It takes a certain type of partner to look past the extensive travel, crazy schedules and groupies that come with being an artist in the hip-hop world. But somehow, love is everywhere in hip-hop.

News broke Monday (Jan. 18) that North Carolina MC J. Cole is a married man, having wed his college sweetheart, Melissa Heholt, in a secret ceremony. In fact, the relationship status of the 2014 Forest Hills Drive creator was actually revealed accidentally. Creed director Ryan Coogler was interviewing Cole live at an event for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and he let the cat out of the bag.

Many rappers keep their relationships under wraps in an effort to keep their public persona and private life separate. And while more rhymers are happily booed up, getting engaged and welcoming children, there are many who very recently took the big step to get hitched. Some MCs like former XXL Freshman Kevin Gates and Logic are newly wed, having put a ring on the finger of their respective girls in 2015. Then there are vets like Snoop Dogg, Ice-T and T.I. who have been with the same women for more than 10 years. These guys prove marital bliss is possible -- even in hip-hop.

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