The hip-hop world was in utter shock yesterday when further details emerged from the shooting at T.I.'s Irving Plaza show on May 25. Troy Ave was not only shot but he also let off some bullets of his own. While many of the details still remain unclear, the speculation amongst the hip-hop community is pouring in at alarming rates and Troy Ave is now in the custody of the authorities. A video has surfaced in which the Brooklyn rapper can clearly be seen firing a handgun. As a result, he's been arrested for attempted murder, reckless endangerment and illegal possession of a firearm.

Troy's longtime friend BSB member Ron “Banga” McPhatter was shot in the chest during the ordeal and was later pronounced dead at Beth Israel Hospital in New York. Another woman was shot in the leg and an additional male was shot after a bullet reportedly traveled through the floor. The squabble was said to have erupted due to beef between Troy Ave's BSB crew and fellow Brooklyn rapper Maino's posse but the latter rapper has denied all allegations, describing their cliques as unified. "I woke up to the usual FALSE and ridiculous lies being circulated by irresponsible members of the media," posted Maino on Instagram in response to the slander. "What transpired was absolutely NOT the result of MYSELF or ANYBODY IN MY CAMP , ENTOURAGE, TRAVELING PARTY or ORGANIZATION IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM."

T.I. gave his condolences about the unfortunate death while Slim Thug had some not so nice things to say about Troy and Manolo Rose had to clarify a retweet about him wishing death upon the "All About the Money" rhymer. Check out how rappers reacted to the news of Troy Ave shooting a gun at T.I.'s concert and his subsequent arrest below.

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    Slim Thug

    In a since deleted IG video, Slim Thug says, "You new niggas ain’t that smart, man. You new niggas be doin’ a lot of dumb shit. How you think you finna get away with shootin’ a nigga in the club like people ain’t got cameras everywhere you go nowadays? Where can you go in the world where ain’t no camera looking at you? Why is you shooting in a club in New York and you known? And people know who you are. You was making some money, I don’t care if it was $1,000 night whenever you perform. Get out the dumb shit. That’s not Belly. You can’t just walk in there and chop it up and get away, it ain’t real. Wake up young niggas, y’all too dumb. Get out the dumb shit and do some smart shit.”

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    Manolo Rose

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    Chuck D

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    Joe Moses

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    Glasses Malone

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    Meek Mill

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    50 Cent