The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took place Sunday night (Oct. 9) in St. Louis and similar to the first, plenty of insults and accusations were leveled. Twitter commentary has become nearly as essential to the viewing experience as the debates themselves, and rappers, along with pretty much everyone else watching, shared their thoughts in real time.

Wiz Khalifa for one said he was taking bong rips to make it through, responding to a tweet by Dan Rather about the candidates not shaking hands by saying, "Cuz he couldn’t grab her somewhere else." Ice-T meanwhile was as shocked as most at some of the statements Trump made, writing, "Black People! What do you have to lose……? Wow. That’s how he feels about you."

Killer Mike criticized both candidates while El-P grabbed some licks and made the best of the abysmal situation, while Pharoahe Monch kicked some football jokes while Rah Digga tried to make sense of the whole ordeal.

Check the gallery up above for a full range of reactions from Joe Budden, El-P and more.