Rappers dropping basketball references in their music is the norm but one thing that you probably won't hear as much is a rapper coming forward and proclaiming their favorite NBA team on record.

While rap and basketball have a strong relationship throughout the years, the love for the sport has been represented by rap artists through songs, interviews, music videos, business ventures and more. From its earliest days, rap's affection for the sport has been undeniable and goes back as far as 1984, when Kurtis Blow released the record, "Basketball," an ode to his favorite competitive game. Since then, rappers have shouted out ball players while cleverly using the basketball team names for punchlines and metaphors.

The love from hip-hop towards basketball even goes beyond a microphone and a beat, as a few rappers have tried their luck in the sport. 2 Chainz and Cam'ron had successful basketball careers during their high school days, but unfortunately injuries to both artists put a halt to them shining on the court. No Limit head honcho Master P reached the Charlotte Hornets training camp during the 1998-99 season, but unfortunately never got a chance to play a single regular game in the NBA.

Proving to be a match made in heaven, hip-hop and basketball continue to thrive and bring major bucks to both industries. Today, XXL looks back at 10 rap songs in which an artist names their favorite NBA team in their lyrics. From Ice Cube to Shy Glizzy to Lil Wayne and more, check them out in the gallery above.