Rappers aren't afraid to get creative with their hair styles. A look through the history books of hip-hop will teach you that the most prominent MCs have been fashion trendsetters. And when it comes to their hair, there's no limit on image-defining creativity.

There was Coolio's crazy, gravity defying braids. There was Kid from Kid-n-Play's sharp high top.There was Snoop's permed hair. There was Nicki Minaj pink wig phase (which she still revisits from time to time). And now, there's a new hair trend emerging among hip-hop's new school. While some MCs are all about the clean cut or high fashion look, Kendrick Lamar, Iamsu! and Rae Sremmurd have all started sporting hair twists.

The look is nothing new or complicated. A guy just has to let his curls grow out enough that he can twist them around each other. It was first sported by the likes of Wu-Tang Clan's Ol' Dirty Bastard and is now popping up again. It's low maintenance, and thanks to these guys, it has that kind of "effortlessly cool" factor. Whether they're trying to transition into dreadlocks or are just so wrapped up in the studio life that they don't have time for haircuts, these rappers are bringing back the '90s look heavy. Check out the 10 rappers who are setting the trend.

Kendrick Lamar

Face turn complete

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Isaiah Rashad

Mick Jenkins

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