It's no secret that President Donald Trump doesn't have too many friends in the rap community. In fact, more than a few rappers have dissed the former reality TV star.

Still, very few of them have been brazen enough to suggest that they might actually attack or kill the Commander-in-Chief. Now, rapper Renizance, who released a song called "Trump Dies" last summer, has stepped forth to explain the consequences of his track. In a recent appearance on the Murder Master Music Show, the Texas rapper explained that he was actually visited by the newly minted president's Secret Service.

According to him, the Secret Service's surprise visit was spurred by a phone call to L.A. law enforcement, and from there, the complaint reached the Secret Service.

“What happened was somebody in L.A. called into the authorities and the authorities in L.A. called into the Secret Service in DC," Renizance explained to Prezident Bejda, and Mac Jay on Episode 343 of the Murder Master Music Show.

He continued, "They asked me a whole lot of fuckin' questions and if I was crazy enough to do all this shit. At the end of the interview they asked me if I had ever thought of really going through with harming the President. Even to try to attempt something like that you are a dumb ass. I told them 'Honestly, I'm not stupid enough to try to do that.' I don't like the guy and it is basically artistic expression."

While the Secret Service didn't change his opinions about Trump, Renizance insists that his song was simply a case of him venting about his frustrations through art.

"I was expressing myself through art. That's all it was and these muthafuckas was not playing. They really wanted to know everything about me. At the very beginning the first thing that was running through my mind was the movie Enemy of the State with Will Smith," Renizance explained. "Initially I didn't know what was about to go down. You read alot of stories with laws for Homeland Security. There is laws where they can detain you indefinitely as long as they consider you a threat to National Security. That was the first thing that was crossing my mind. I met up with them and luckily for me it didn't turn out that way. They understood that I was just an artist expressing myself. I'm glad for the fact that it didn't go any further.”

You can check out the song that landed Renizance in hot water just below and listen to his interview in the video up top.

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