While in the middle of their North American stadium On The Run tour, Jay Z and Beyonce have been hounded by rumors of their marriage falling apart. Add to that the "Throwdown In The Elevator" with Solange in May. Now you can throw a new "open letter" in the form of a song on the fire. Model/Rapper Olivia McFallar aka Yes Liv Can, claims that the Roc Nation leader was in pursuit of her.

Using the classic OutKast "Ms. Jackson" instrumental, McFallar spends the bulk of the song flipping bars and lines from Jay and Beyonce to tell her story of Hov's attempt at infidelity. Liv raps "I was gonna respect you. But since you crossed over into my lane, it's time to check you,Your man? He likes all natural, flawless model chicks like me."

During the outro she takes Beyonce to task for the messages she's sends to young women. As of the morning of 8/6 the video for the song stood at over 870,000 views on YouTube. This is not the first time that McFallar has made these claims. During an interview with PNC Radio she claimed Jay tried to pass her his number.

For their part, Hov and the Mrs. have been quiet. With the exception of Beyonce's mention of the elevator incident on her Nicki Minaj featured "Flawless" remix, Mr. and Mrs Carter have not commented on the rumors. Considering the headhunting nature of the Beehive on social media, one can only imagine the levels of slander headed towards McFallar. The Beygency are beasts on the internets.