Open Mike Eagle always examines his subject matter with a unique point of view while employing some tremendous storytelling as a writer. The Mello Music Group artist continues that formula on the song "Smiling (Quirky Race Doc)" which he has given the visual treatment.

The track is a timely one with Open Mike Eagle exploring the state of race relations in the aftermath of a tumultuous summer which saw multiple police shootings of black men occur. The video features the MC roaming around the city, running into some unfriendly faces along the way and spitting his tale for the viewers.

"I know full well every white’s not a racist/But every black man’s not a sex-crazed rapist /I was good in the hood, in college I was ruined/When walking I assumed you acknowledged the other humans /I tried to walk big with my chin bone lifted up/Over compensating like I really don’t give a fuck /Today I saw a lady say hi to a stranger/Then avoid my eyes like I’m a white person strangler," Open Mike Eagle raps.

"Smiling (Quirky Race Doc)" appears on Open Mike Eagle's Hella Personal Film Festival, a collaboration album with UK producer Paul White. The two released the excellent LP back in March, so make sure to catch up on it if you have been sleeping on the project. The album features 14 tracks with guest appearances by Aesop Rock and Hemlock Ernst of Future Islands.

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