2017's seen Ralo come up in a major way, and he continues riding that wave of momentum in his new video for "Chiraqistan," a cut from Ralo Laflare, which is a joint effort created by himself and Gucci Mane. The track itself features Chicago's Lil Durk.

The video, which is directed by Joe Moore, sees Ralo and Durk taking a trip to the projects, where guns and goons are aplenty. While we're unsure where this video was shot, there's a chance it was shot in Durk's native Chicago, which has often been called Chiraq, because of its ostensibly similar violence. It's clearly an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

Throughout the vid, we see Ralo and Durk posted up outside of a project building, standing atop cars and pointing pistols. In a rap video classic, they also hold massive stacks of cash. Looks like they had a good time with the video shoot.

As for the song itself? It's pretty much an all-out street anthem where both rappers talk their best game. "OG, I’m with OTF and you know we verse anybody/Durk told me that they forgot, he think they forgot about it/Hop out we reminding niggas, who the fuck behind these niggas?/Fuck whoever signed these niggas, we shoot whoever ridin’ with ‘em," spits Ralo in the song's opening verse.

Check out Ralo and Durk's new video below. Watch Ralo's video for "Ralo Back (Intro)" after that.

Watch Ralo and Lil Durk's "Chiraqistan" Video

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