Quentin Miller just unveiled the album cover, and revealed the release date for his upcoming LP, Falco.

The colorful cover features a head shot of Falco Lombardi from the video game series, Star Fox. Miller is leaving very little time for a big roll out as the LP is coming out on June 26.

Q first used the Falco moniker back in September when he revealed that he had to have one of his lower legs amputated following a severe car crash. “Thanks for being patient. Falco when it’s [cold],” he captioned a pic of his prosthetic, likening himself to the character, who has mechanical legs. “Winter… Falco… Won’t be long…❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️,” he added in a tweet.

Last September, he put out the EP Shredded Metal, which featured Jeremih and Key!. Most recently, he released two tracks back in March, "Expression 4" and "Addy" featuring Jace.

Finally a good amount of time removed from the whole Drake situation, QM is definitely out to prove that he is more than just Drizzy's "alleged ghostwriter." Standing alone as an artist will be tough when his name is attached to such a scandalous issue in hip-hop history. But he's up for the challenge. Is Miller ready for the limelight? Time will tell.

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