A Quando Rondo show in Norfolk, Va. turned left after the rapper was hit by a bottle of water thrown by someone in the crowd.

On Saturday night (Feb. 15), Rondo performed at the Dolce Luxury Lounge. However, things didn't go as planned. Video of the performance started surfacing on Sunday (Feb. 16). It shows the shirtless rapper standing on a stage above the crowd. He begins to address the people when a bottle of water flies in from off screen and appears to hit the Georgia rapper in the face. He is irate.

"Who the fuck did that? Hey, on 6-0, who did that? Go get the rod," he snaps.

Rondo continues to question the crowd but no one fesses up. He then hops off the stage into the crowd before the video ends.

Still in the heat of the moment, QPac addressed the incident on video following the show.

"I put this on 6-0, y'all bitch ass niggas knew not to come outside. On God, I was gon' sling that iron at y'all niggas' ass, on hood," he said. "On my mama, whoever threw that water at me, I put this on gang, this on everything I love. If y'all niggas woulda came outside ya'll ass woulda got stepped on."

Hours later, it appeared he had calmed down. From the back of a vehicle, he appears to be laughing at what transpired.

"On hood, that shit ain't even that serious, man," he says. "Y'all talking about a water bottle. Y'all niggas pussies. Pinker than these 50s," he adds while showing off a stack of money.

Rondo is fresh off the release of his QPac album. Last month, he stopped by XXL to participate in our Struggle Plates segment where taught us how to make jail casserole.

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