In an in-depth radio podcast interview with BBC Radio's Benji B called "The Story of Q-Tip", the Queens MC touched base on his last solo album The Abstract, dropping his forthcoming studio album The Last Zulu later this year, being engulfed in Hip Hop culture, working with Leonardo DiCaprio, and much more.

As if those topics didn't hold enough weight, the A Tribe Called Quest lyricist/producer also announced his plans to debut a special anniversary edition of their 1991 classic album, The Low End Theory, with unreleased music from the group and associated artists.

"We’re going to come to 25 years on Low End Theory pretty soon, and I’m going to put out a special edition. I’m announcing it here first to the world. I will be putting out a special edition 25th year anniversary album. We’re going to include all of the stuff you guys probably never heard, different mixes. And one of those songs I’ll include when we get to the Low End Theory is this song that we did – I think it was called “Silence” and Leaders of the New School were on it."

The podcast documentary also delivers insight from some other prominent members of the Hip Hop world including Nas, Pharrell Williams, The Pharcyde, and more.

Listen to the "The Story of Q-Tip" below: