A Tribe Called Quest has been catering to their loyal fans for the past 12 months with a reunion following the passing of their beloved member, Phife Dawg, but their run might officially be coming to an end. After releasing their first album together in nearly two decades last year, the hip-hop group has performed around the country for fans, but this past weekend serves as their final show in New York City.

While taking the stage at the 2017 Panorama Festival, Q-Tip announces that their set would be the last for the veteran rap collective. Of course, fans are expressing their disappointment at the news, but Tip explains why they feel the need to honor their brother the best way they know how.

"This is our last show here in New York. This is it as Tribe," Q-Tip explains. "We can't, you know... we gotta honor our brother Phife Dawg. So we wanna thank everybody in New York City for supporting A Tribe Called Quest since 1988 up until now. And we wanna thank all y'all who extended your wishes and empathy and prayers not only to us, but to Phife's family as well."

Back in November of 2016, Tribe dropped their anticipated We Got It from Here...Thank You 4 Your Service project, which featured all new music from the group, including verses recorded by Phife before his tragic death last year. They performed at a slew of different events since then, including the Grammy Awards this past February, where they made some political statements aimed at the government and Donald Trump.

Watch Tip's announcement of Tribe's last show at the Panorama Festival in the video below.

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