Pusha T's solo album keeps getting pushed back, but Pusha says it's not due to the pressure of dropping his debut. "It's not about pressure at all, it's about presentation," he said while speaking to Boi-1da.net. "When it comes out and does whatever it does...people are gonna take notice. Sooner or later, it always reaches its height."

My Name Is My Name, his first album without his brother No Malice from Clipse, was slated for earlier this year, then pushed back into August, then pushed further back into the Fall. He lifted the title from a quote by Marlo Stanfield, a drug kingpin in HBO's The Wire, a character he said he gravitated to. "He was fighting for position, he didn't care about the rules, he had money like everybody else did, and he was gonna do things his way," Push said. "My name is Pusha; you know what you're gonna get from me. There should be no more talk of my content, there should be no more talk of what you're tired of, because at this point you don't have to listen no more...But I think it's a testament to say that people can't tune me out."

He also explained that he wouldn't have his brother on his album at all—saying he didn't want to "compromise" the Clipse brand—and detailed how confident he was that the project would set the rap game on fire. "I believe I'm gonna have rap album of the year," he said. "This is a hip-hop masterpiece."

The full video is above.