VICE has launched a new documentary series called "Autobiographies" and the debut episode features Pusha T. The G.O.O.D. Music president speaks on his life and career, but goes into great detail about how the Clipse broke up. Pusha T detailed how his brother No Malice's mindset changed and how it eventually led to the Clipse being no more.

"We were on tour," Pusha T says. "I was in my room and he just came in my room and gave me his book that he wrote. I was like, 'Wow ok. Now you wrote a book.' In my mind, I'm just thinking you're my older brother. You know I can't write no book. You're just trying to stunt on me once again or do something you know I can't do. And he was like, 'Yo, this is what I'm about to dial into and this is what I wanna do. This is how I feel and I want you to read it. And you wanna be a solo artist anyway, so you probably should pursue that."

Pusha T takes a big pause in the video before continuing his recollection of what happened.

"I was like wow, ok," Pusha T says. "Of course I didn't think it was real. Never thought it was real. We still have more shows to do. We got off the tour and he was quiet and I was just doing my thing a little bit. We just had it all mapped out. The offers were so good and so many were coming and he was 100% not doing it. I used to be so upset. I felt like me and my brother could do whatever we wanted to the rap game. Really, just have our way. But then I realized that he's not in the same place anymore. He had a family. He had other things going on that he had to answer for. He was so into his convictions and where he stood that when he told me no after I gave him all the breakdowns and specs about everything, there was nothing I could say."

This episode and the rest of the Autobiographies series will be running on Verizon's go90 streaming service. If you haven't, peep the Series trailer here.

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