Hip-hop has long been the voice of the youth, but it tends to get a bad reputation and a negative stigma, especially when it comes to parents. However, according to a new study, psychologists are recommending parents to start listening to hip-hop artists like Drake and Cardi B to establish a better relationship with their children.

Research conducted by the University of Arizona suggests that parents give some Top 40 artists a listen to feel more "in sync" with their kin. The reasoning being that with a better understanding of the music their kids like, they can teach their children about how their era of pop artists help influence what's being produced today.

"Students who recalled musical [sharing] activities with their parents in adolescence had a stronger effect of feelings of coordination with parents and subsequently on the qualities of their relationships [with them]," says Dr. Harwood, who studies music communication at the University of Arizona. "Moments where adolescents and parents jointly connect with music are less common, so they may be more impactful."

So parents: if you're feeling disconnected from your child, maybe try bumping some Cardi B and Drake to gain some common ground and bridge that generational gap.

Drake has certainly been a staple on the Billboard Hot 100 as of recent, notching another two No. 1 records in 2018. Lauryn Hill herself remixed Drizzy's "Nice For What," which heavily samples her "Ex-Factor," at a recent NYC concert. Card B has also become a chart mainstay with nine records currently holding fort on the Hot 100. She was also named among Time's 100 Most Influential People of 2018.

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