the game features kendrick lamar

Kendrick Lamar blew fans away when he dropped some highly anticipated new material. Lamar's latest single "i" is a motivational track laced with an Isley Brothers sample that delivered a sound no one was expecting yet everyone seemed to love. The producer of the hit single, Rahki, recently spoke with MTV News about the single and what to expect from his new album.

“We wanted it to sound exactly like the record,”said Rahki, adding that Kendrick flew Rahki’s musicians of choice in from out of state to create the sound he was looking for. “The musicians that I chose to play on this record, I felt like they would be able to knock it down and give it that feel that Kendrick wanted, and they did an exceptional job…Everything you’re hearing is a replay; nothing is sampled to the actual master.”

The Minnesota native then began to explore the depth of Lamar's appreciation for music as well as his personal opinion of Lamar's upcoming album.

“What Kendrick is doing, and what he’s about to do — he’s an artist, he has a vision in mind. There’s nothing like that record on radio right now. He’s a genius,” he added. “What he’s doing is really gonna change up a lot. The album is incredible.”