Prodigy’s first book, My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, drew solid reviews and also stirred a great deal of controversy amongst several of P’s rap peers upon its April 2011 release.

But as much as Prodigy divulged about his life in the book, there was one significant chunk of his life missing—his three-and-a-half-year jail bid at the Mid-State Correctional Facility in New Jersey from October 2007-March 2011 for criminal possession of a weapon.

P left that experience out of his autobiography because he’s working on a second book that will detail only his experience behind bars.

“This one is strictly and entirely about my experience in jail,” Prodigy told “I left that out of the first book on purpose, so I could put this out.

“It’s basically my experience—day by day—like a diary joint, type of thing,” he continued. “You know, what was going on in there, what I experienced in there and what I took out of it. Just the whole story. Only a few people will know what that’s like, the people I met and how the COs (correction officers) were, just different things like that.”

Although P didn’t give a timetable for the book to come out, it remains to be seen how names that the rapper brings up in the second book respond.

A few names that Prodigy brought up in his autobiography didn’t take too kind by him mentioning them. Noreaga, for one, refuted Prodigy’s account of a particular beef within their Queens crews and told media his version of how the bad blood sparked back in the day.

"His people did jump me, they jumped me," Nore told Power 105's The Breakfast Club last August. "They jumped me because I shot somebody. Then...after they jumped me, I shot him again. So, how can you describe the situation like you won? So, that was my only problem [with the book] because at the end of the day, Prodigy didn't lie, he exaggerated."—Mark Lelinwalla