Update (10:51 p.m. EST):

According to Henriquez, the mural has now been refurbished. See a picture below.

Original Story:

The mural painted in honor of the late great Prodigy earlier this week in Queens has already been defaced.

Painted by artists Jeff Henriquez and Eli Lazare, the huge portrait of the rapper showing off his forearm tattoos was proudly plastered on Urban Upbound’s building at 13th Street and 40th Avenue, near Queensbridge Housing. But today, someone damaged the dope artwork by tossing white paint all over.

Henriquez and Lazare are surely pissed, as they put a lot of time and effort into giving a proper tribute to Bandana P through their craft.

Friend and fellow Queens MC, Cormega commented on the buster move on Instagram noting, "This is some sucker shit." Mega was one of the many artists who spoke fondly of Prodigy following his death in June.

“Sometimes the stars align and create something that is so captivating that you feel honored being there in that moment understanding when it leaves you will never again witness such a moment,” Cormega wrote in a a tribute to the rapper on Facebook. “Queensbridge has lost one of its brightest stars one that at times shined brighter than all while simultaneously being the guiding light for others (including myself) to find their way. One of hip-hop’s greatest dreams will never be fulfilled because the moment that was, will never be and we are all looking at the void in the sky."

It is unclear if any vandalism charges will be pursued in the matter.

Check out the damage below.

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