Problem is back. The West Coast rhymer is getting ready for his Chachiville mixtape by dropping a video for two cuts off the project: "Betta Watch Yo Self" and "LightWork." The visual is straightforward with Problem spitting bars in cover of night. The video should get you hyped for Chachiville, which is set to drop on Jan. 20.

"It was crafted while I was on my #litlifetour this summer, recorded mainly in different hotel rooms across the country," Problem said of the mixtape. "It serves as my break away from the nonsense that has been taking place in the world and within music. 13 great moments of me. Not a story, not a concept project, just 12 songs (and 1 skit) that can hold their own individually, yet still be cohesive enough to be all on one mixtape.”

Problem has another big project in the works too. The Compton MC is set to link up with DJ Quik once again for a full-length Rosecrans album.

"I’m considered a legend now so I’m more laid back, and Problem is like this young Ferrari just revving so he just motivates you," Quik said in an interview last year. "Sometimes I don’t see it like that because I get a little lazy and he’s just hounding me like ‘you got to do this, you got to do this, you got to do this.’ So then, I’m pumped like him. So I do it, and it’s successful. Like he’s got a vision. It’s not just about his energy. The kids got a lot of vision and I like hanging out with him.”

The Rosecrans EP was quite good, so Problem and DJ Quik will have lofty expectations for their first album together.

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