With XXL Freshmen Class of 2013 alum Joey Bada$$ at the helm, New York's Pro Era crew recently announced via Joey’s Twitter account that it will release new projects from two of its members, including Joey's own highly-anticipated debut album B4.Da.$$ this fall.

In a recent interview with XXL, Pro Era's CJ Fly gave insight on the direction of the first - and possibly only - posthumous Capital STEEZ release King Capital, which is due out this summer. He also clued us in on the progress of Joey’s debut album and clarified STEEZ’s role in the Beast Coast movement. --Written by Abrea Armstrong (@abreaknowsbest)

On the new Capital STEEZ project, King Capital:

C.J. Fly: "[STEEZ] was working on this project before he passed. So it wasn’t like we’re putting together random songs. What we wanna do is - he did it on some unoriginal beats, [so now] we wanna get the beats made over so we can get the album sold. Give the proceeds to the family. The same thing that he would’ve done if he was here, help his family."

"I think this might be the last [project] because we don’t have that much material of his. [He only] recorded that project. Unless we find hidden verses that he recorded somewhere else, which is likely to happen, they might drop the EP but there’s no hidden verses that were there."

"I think so [there might be videos for the project]. Dirty Sanchez and him have a video for one of the joints from before. 'Like Water' is going on there too. We shot the video for that."

On B4.Da.$$:

"It’s not a new sound but it’s not the same. It’s different but it’s Joey Bada$$, an older Joey Bada$$, more mature, vocabulary expanded. I was amazed when I heard certain shit. I was like, 'Yo, what the fuck have you been reading bro? [laughs] Where’d you learn that?' He impressed me. I can’t lie."

"I know he got some great producers on it. That’s all I can say. Some great producers. Pete Rock, Statik [Selektah], a whole bunch of other people, Kirk Knight. Kirk’s song on there is crazy. The ladies are going to love that shit."

On The Beast Coast Movement:

"I think STEEZ and Issa [of The Underachievers] were going back and forth with the enlightenment, like knowledge. They started sharing knowledge with each other and they shared it with us, their brothers, and we became in tune. Each group just started by themselves. STEEZ always had the idea for a group to exist, him and Dirty Sanchez are best friends. Before that, he used to tell me that they would always talk about making a group [but] they never had a name. The name never really came until they started finding all of us."

"We’re from the same place. Why not unify? I feel like it’s making us even stronger as a force. We’re all coming forth and being successful together. ‘Cause it’s like, 'Damn, three groups out of one neighborhood are successful?' That doesn’t happen often. We’re just embracing each other, being from the same neighborhood, and let’s all move forth successfully. We don’t have to be with each other all the time but at least we’ll all be progressing at the end of the day. And we’re from neighborhood, Brooklyn. We gotta represent. The East Coast has been quite for awhile. We’re the new Native Tongues."