With its future very much up in the air, SoundCloud releases the first episode of SoundCloud Next Wave, a new documentary series focusing on the young artists who've used the platform as a stepping stone to stardom. The first episode's called "Degenerate Generation," and it focuses on Pouya, Fat Nick and Lil Tracy. Check it out below.

The episode begins with Pouya and Fat Nick sitting down in a Los Angeles living room grubbing on some hot wings and discussing their past and present. Pouya says he met Nick in seventh grade and they became best friends after deciding to go skating one day after class. He and Nick embrace their status as prototypical "misfits."

"I'm there for that fat kid that's not gonna take his shirt off at the beach. Like, 'Hell nah, embrace that shit,'" Nick says in the video. At other points in the vid, he and Pouya touch on the way SoundCloud's created a new Florida movement consisting of himself, XXXTentaction, Nick, Lil Pump and Denzel Curry.

Throughout the rest of the episode we see Pouya, Nick and Tracy giving props to SoundCloud as the platform that gave them their voice. "I feel like without SoundCloud I wouldn't even be right here," Tracy says at one point during the episode.

SoundCloud recently issued a statement proclaiming they wouldn't be going anywhere after rumors they'd be shutting down within the next 50 one-to-two months. There's no way of knowing which strategies they've devised to keep their brand afloat, but we know they'll try. And this docuseries looks pretty dope.

A new episode of SoundCloud Next Wave will air every month throughout the rest of 2017. Check out the first episode below.

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