Fans have questions for Playboi Carti, and he has answers...sort of.

On Thursday (March 19), the elusive rapper posted on Instagram for the first time in over two months, and while his followers were happy to see him grace their timeline, they had bigger fish to fry. Calling Carti out over his long-awaited album Whole Lotta Red, one fan begged to get the project now that everyone is on quarantine.

"Carti listen you have disappointed us many times with this album release and we still worship you," the fan, whose username is in homage to Carti, wrote. "We are in fucking quarantine rn. Plz bless us."

And while he did catch Carti's attention and garner a really nice response, it probably wasn't the exact answer the fan was looking for.

"i never left. hey," Carti wrote. "stay wit meh. I o u da world n i kno it. I love u n everyone. N my universe <3".

Playboi Carti via IG
Playboi Carti via IG

Whole Lotta Red has been in the works for quite some time and is set to serve as the follow-up to Carti's 2018 debut album, Die Lit. In July of 2019, the rapper told fans during a tour stop at The Eagle's Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wis. that he had plans to drop it within 60 days.

"I'm trying to drop that shit in the next 60 days," he told the crowd at the time. "I ain't gon' lie. It feel like we worked too hard for this moment. So, I'ma do this shit with no features."

Days later, his on-again/off-again girlfriend Iggy Azalea offered fans an update on the project, and it got everyone even more excited.

"I'm never gonna tell you when Whole Lotta Red is dropping, you guys. Nice try," Azalea said while answering fan questions in an interview with Men's Health. "I can tell you Whole Lotta Red is amazing and it's next level and it's way better than anything any of the other people I heard doing, for real."

Just around 60 days after the announcement, Carti appeared to be preparing to drop it.

"him < 3 red incoming," Carti wrote in the caption on an Instagram post in mid-October. "<48hours! locked in," he wrote in a second post. Naturally, fans were upset when nothing materialized and called him out over it, but they never got another update. Perhaps the quarantine will finally give Carti fans what they're looking for.

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