Historically, if a Southern artist wanted to make it big they had to travel to New York, New York, the big city of dreams to show their mettle. While times have changed and the Internet era has mostly alleviated the need to gain Big Apple acceptance, a new artist from the South performing in NYC is still a big deal.

Rising Atlanta MC, Playboi Carti recently tested his chops in the Empire State, rocking the stage at Knockdown Center, along with Maxo Kream and producer, Pierre Bourne.

Fittingly, Carti got the crowd riled up with his single, "Magnolia," where he plugs NYC on the chorus. "In New York I Milly Rock, hide it in my sock/Running from an opp, and I shoot at opp/And I'm on the block, and I'm on the block/In New York I Milly Rock, hide it in my sock/Hide it in my sock, selling that rerock," he raps.

Bourne, who produced the track, aided in the turn up. "Please make some noise for Pierre one time," Carti told the crowd, introducing his go-to beat maker. "Now drop that shit." The crowd goes crazy. Carti and Maxo later shared the stage performing their song, "Fetti."

After dropping his debut self-titled mixtape three weeks ago, which features mostly Pierre beats, the duo already has new tunes on deck.

Check out footage from the super lit show below.

Check Out Photos of Playboi Carti Performing "Magnolia" in NYC

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