The 2017 Rolling Loud Festival featured many of the biggest acts in hip-hop, and one of them was Playboi Carti. This past weekend, the ascendant Atlanta artist managed to leave his mark at the star-studded event by turning in an electrifying performance of "Magnolia," one of the best songs from his debut mixtape.

Skittering across the stage with his typically frenetic energy, Carti totally engages the crowd as he turns up while performing his own song. "In New York I Milly Rock, hide it in my sock/Used to sell rerock, running from the cops/Shooting at the opps," he shouts in the video, naturally sounding quite a bit less calm than he does on the actual track.

These days, "Magnolia," which was produced by Pierre Bourne, has been pretty much everywhere. A few weeks back, ESPN's Highly Questionable star Papi Le Betard actually let off a few quick bars from the song, signaling that Carti's pretty much infiltrated the world of pop culture.

Carti's definitely on the rise, and people are taking notice—with Lil Uzi Vert being one of them. Not too long ago, Uzi gave the Atlanta rapper the highest bit of praise you can really give someone. “Listen here,” Uzi said in a recent video. “My brother Carti just dropped the best got damn album that I ever heard.” Sounds legit.

You can see a bit of the infectious energy that makes "Magnolia" go by peeping Carti's 2017 Rolling Loud performance below. Check out when ASAP Rocky comes out for "New Choppa" too.

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