After dropping his latest album, Yours Truly ForeverPhora is back with another music video. This time, he releases the visuals for his song "God."

Directed by Logan Meis, the video finds Phora tackling a number of challenging topics including depression and regret. The video starts off with Phora sitting in a bedroom with a pistol and bullets next to him. As the rapper continues to down his sorrows in liquor, he then loads the gun and begins contemplating suicide.

Phora eventually finds himself on a beach, where he begins to reflect on his faults. "How you figure anyone would love me if I can love myself," the rapper delivers before he ends up back in the bedroom, this time with bottle of liquor broken on the floor and bullets scattered around.

While Phora may be new to many listeners, Yours Truly Forever is the rapper's sixth studio album. According to the 22-year-old artist, the album is built on positive energy, his fearlessness and his ability to overcome his struggles.

Hailing from Anaheim, Calif., Phora told XXL he grew up listening to Snoop Dogg, Nas, Common and Dr. Dre. "I was kind of in the middle between coasts," he said. As for how he got started rapping, Phorah said he was always around the genre but started taking things seriously during his teenage years.

“I started to take things seriously probably like four, five years ago," he shared. "I really had to separate myself. I was actually in a weird time in my life, a transition and I wanted to kind of do my own thing in my life and kind of find myself and also express myself some way or another and it came with the music and I just went full force with it."

Check out the video for "God" below.

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