Rich Chigga, who blew up after dropping his viral hit, "Dat $tick," last year, is making his rounds in the U.S. This past weekend, his travels took him to Pharrell's OTHERtone Beats 1 Radio show, and once there, he pretty much got the surprise of a lifetime.

During the show, he and Pharrell discussed everything from romance to rap names before the Neptunes producer put his phone to his ear and offered up a special gift to Chigga: a call from Tyler, The Creator, who is one of the Indonesian MC's favorite rappers.

From the moment Chigga hears Tyler's voice, a smile pretty much swallows the lower half of his face. A moment later, he asks Tyler if he'd heard of him before, to which Tyler responds by saying he recognizes Chigga from his "little funny dance" online.

Chigga responds by telling Tyler he loves him, and after OTHERtone co-host Scott Vener tells Tyler it's Chigga's first time in the U.S., Tyler says, "We gotta get him a Black girl." Gotta love Tyler.

Chigga became known for his "little funny dance" and "Dat $tick" last year, becoming a viral phenomenon in a matter of just a few months, but Chigga's now trying to distance himself from his image as a viral creation.

“I don’t want to be just seen as a character because that can get exhausting after a while,” Rich Chigga told XXL during a recent visit to our NYC office. “I take my music very serious. I don’t call myself a comedian.”

Check out the priceless moment Chigga reacts to Tyler's phone call below.

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