Pharrell has been busy promoting his new film Hidden Figures, but he found a little to time to surprise some lucky students at The Equity Project Charter School. Pharrell popped up at an event thrown by Amp Up NYC, a nonprofit partnership between Berklee College of Music and Little Kids Rock. The acclaimed producer appeared on the stage while the young musicians were performing songs from the Hidden Figures soundtrack.

"It’s amazing because you’re hearing the next generation who are being mentored and being taught by a school whose sole purpose is to build a future one lesson at a time," Pharrell told the New York Daily News.

The Neptunes member shared his immense approval of the children's performance. Pharrell said the intensity of the students was unlike anything he'd ever seen.

“The emotional intensity that I saw on that stage, I don’t remember seeing before in my life,” he said. “It was really special. You’re hearing the fruits of their labor, of the school and the faculty who cares enough. I heard a wonderful result."

Pharrell was very impressed by the musical talents of youngsters. The "Happy" artist loved that the children have an opportunity to hone their skills at The Equity Project Charter School

“This was very special,” he said. “Because it’s education, it’s art, it’s music — and art and music are two things that are currently disappearing from America. So the idea that this charter school caters to that is a beautiful thing to me.”

Make sure to check out Pharrell's latest tracks from the Hidden Figures soundtrack if you have not already. "Crave" and "Able" can be streamed right now ahead of the soundtrack's release.

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