On Dec. 9, Apple Music is releasing a new documentary called 808 about the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer, a.k.a. the 808 drum machine. The film stars Pharrell, Questlove and Rick Rubin, as well as Diplo, Beastie Boys, T La Rock, Lil Jon and Afrika Bambaataa. You can view the trailer above via Beats 1 Radio's YouTube account.

Throughout the two-minute clip, various artists and producers share their experiences and opinions on the drum machine as early 808 instrumentals blare in the background.

Zane Lowe narrates the 808 documentary, which takes the viewer through the history of the legendary drum machine. The trailer's YouTube description states, "808, the heart of the beat that changed music. The acclaimed documentary that chronicles the incredible legacy of the TR808 drum machine will be exclusively available on Apple Music December 9th 2016. Discover the iconic records, artists and producers influenced by the 808's unique beats and find out the secret behind its sudden discontinuation."

In other Pharrell-related news, the 43-year-old Virginia native recently announced and unveiled the Elwood X25 collection. It marks the first project Pharrell has co-created since his appointment as Head of Imagination for the denim brand G-Star.

Pharrell spoke about the upcoming collection, saying, “What we are trying to do is make a space for creativity and experimentation. We’re not trying to tell people what to do and what to think, but just help them to express themselves openly. To choose what to wear and how to wear it. This collection is about freedom of choice- it’s about adding democracy to your wardrobe."

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