Appearing on the "Today Show", Pharrell who normally keeps his private life under wraps, opened up about band camp memories, his family , and  oddly his shower.

As for what  he believes his best project is, the super producer responded, “The best song that I’ve ever co-written was my son,” he said about Rocket, his son with fiancée Helen Lasichanh. “Every night’s like a sleepover.”

He also revealed a quite odd habit during the chat stating, “I can write pretty much anywhere, but in the shower it’s like really great". As for what's next Pharrell simply says “Honestly? It’s … more music".

Pharrell also revealed that he met producing partner Chad Hugo at band camp. “Most of us were kinda nerdy. Nobody sort of walked in like Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl cool,” said Pharrell. “By the way, all those guys have chauffeurs now, so they got the last laugh.”

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