Payroll Giovanni is making it a habit to release new music through videos. On Jan. 31, he dropped "Front Back," and now, the Detroit MC is back with another song and visual titled "Started Small Time."

Throughout the Jerry PHD-directed visual, Payroll reps his Strathmoor Block by rocking an iced-out chain and spits about the tough conditions he grew up in. From the various settings used in the nearly three-minute clip, the viewer can get a sense of Payroll's hometown.

Over a menacing, piano-laced instrumental crafted by fellow Detroit native Helluva, Payroll spits, "Ex-trafficker, all the ex-bitches mad at us/'Cuz we shinin' like a mothafucka and they had enough. Used to bag it up/Trash bags of money in the Caddy truck/Tryna ball on us you better call your Unc and Daddy up."

The underrated Midwest MC is preparing his next project, Big Bossin Vol. 2, which is slated to release in 2017. In case you missed it, be sure to go back and check out his last mixtape, Sosa Dreamz. The 13-track body of work contained features from B-Mo Maine, Drey Skonie, Tamara Jewel, Cashout Calhoun, Clay Baby and Big Quis.

You can watch Payroll Giovanni's "Started Small Time" video below courtesy of YouTube.

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